Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Friendly Soviet Hotel

In Plitvice, we stay at our most expensive hotel, despite the fact that it is also our least elegant.  It is, however, both convenient and comfortable and in a place where you have very few choices, so I'd actually recommend it highly, were you to go to Plitvice National Park.  I stayed in many hotels like this 25 years ago, before Glasnost even, when the Soviet Union was still old-school, hard-core USSR.  So this Communist-era hotel, a massive cement structure with a distinct retro-futuristic soullessness, makes me feel completely nostalgic.

Yet the people are very friendly and helpful.  They are not sullen, petty, or power-hungry like the Soviet hotel staff I remember so well.  It confuses me, this Communist hotel in now-Capitalist country.  I'm paying $200/night for the room, yet I feel like it would be completely futile to complain about the mini-fridge, which is emitting so much heat in the mini-cabinet where it is housed, that it exactly counteracts any cold air it is producing.  The fridge is precisely room temperature, and not doing much for the fruit, yogurts, and milks we brought for the girls.

It is a vast cavern of a room, with hideous industrial brown carpeting, one queen bed, and a double-wide couch on which they lay sheets for the girls at night.  The bathroom is also quite large, and has a bidet that squirts P's dress, yet the air conditioning doesn't work, and there's no phone or wifi.  Still, it's just steps away from the entrance to Plitvice, and they have a buffet breakfast where the girls can make their own hot chocolates from an espresso-like machine, so we happily consider our Communist hotel home-sweet-home for two nights.

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