Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ice Cream, Ice Cream Everywhere...

...and nary a cone to eat. With all due apologies to Shakespeare, this phrase goes through my head almost the entire time we are in Croatia for the simple reason that we are here in a 100 degree heatwave, on vacation, and the ice cream is indeed ubiquitous and cheap, but I still don't eat much because I just don't like it. It is so cloying, in fact, that even Gigi turns it down nearly all the time, and she's not yet 8. Anthony and Pippa have no such qualms.

If you must know, by the way, the best flavor -- by far -- is the yogurt & cherry. It's noticeably less sugary and fake tasting than the others. There seem to be two brands that have a monopoly on all ice cream shops in the country, Nado and Cappy (dangerously close to "Crappy"), and they have virtually the same flavors and tastes. Fluffy pastel mountains of ice cream peer out from the glass windows, but the cones are not so enormous, especially after having spent the summer in New England. While a single cone here could not feed a family of four, like in Maine, they are fair, and quite cheap. A single scoop is usually 7 kuna, or about $1.25. Here is a photo that seems to make a liar out of me. Well, I didn't say that I never ate ice cream...

Anthony discovers an unusal phenomena here, which should someday be researched by scientists, or psychologists. Pippa is understandably wilted in the 100 degree heat, and occasionally whiny or begging to be carried, but he notices that every time he passes an ice cream store, she perks up. Even if she does not get to eat any ice cream. Luckily, we pass an ice cream store every 3 minutes, so she gets regular infusions of magical energy.

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