Friday, August 26, 2011

Oops! We're in Bosnia!

The bus ride to Dubrovnik is clean, cheap, efficient, and almost completely uneventful. Excellent for transportation, not so great for storytelling.   The only thing we find fascinating, is that we accidentally end up in Bosnia and Herzegevona, not realizing that there is one narrow strip of that country you must cross to get from northern to southern Croatia. Having no inkling that we would be entering or exiting nation-states, we have left our passports packed in our luggage, in the hold below. Fortunately, this border check is on the mild side. The guard hears our American accents, shrugs, and moves on to the next person. Too bad. I would have liked a stamp in my passport. 
Dubrovnik, our last stop of the trip, is probably also the most famous. We are actually staying in Lapad, out by the beaches (well, "beaches", as it were). We get there just in time for a swim at sunset, and to discover that the pebbles on this beach are perfectly polished and multi-hued. Quite lovely, and impossible not to pocket just a few of our favorites. Orange and green seem to be the most coveted.

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