Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crystal Clear

That old adage about enjoying the journey as much as the destination is certainly easy to embrace in Nacionali Park Plitvićka, or Plitvice National Park, where the paths are raised wooden walkways meandering through the landscape, and there are ferries and even a tramway for when you need shortcuts through the park.


Which isn't to poo-poo the destination.  We walk by and boated on an uncountable number of lakes and ponds in various shades of turqouise, thanks to travertine stone reflecting blue skies.  It's not a color you see too often in natural pools and reminded me of tropical beaches in Thailand.  And there are also an uncountable number of falls we pass, and they are truly divine.  We make it to the fun-to-say Veliki Slap, which literally means "The Big Waterfall," but I have to say that all the little ones along the way are just as picturesque.


(note from G:) Today I went to a national park and hiked next to a clear blue water later. It was so beautifull. We went on feirys and trains we also went in a cave.

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