Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cultural Enrichment of a Different Sort

Our last day in Trogir, and we make the most of it. We ferry over to a local beach (a.k.a.pebbles and cement docks, but with an awesome view). There, the girls discover the joys of the Banana Boat and Anthony, the joys of the jet-ski. It's sort of the antithesis of a day spent appreciating nature, or ancient history, but boy is it fun! The girls are screaming for joy the whole time, which makes it fun for everybody. We're all thrown off once (having requested the "get dunked" ride), but on one of the twisties, only little P gets thrown off the boat. Anthony and I are sitting there laughing, knowing she's OK, but a young Texan on the banana boat immediately jumps off the banana to help her. This act of chivalry is not lost on her, and not only is she not upset about being the only one thrown in, she seems quite pleased with the attention and really enjoys her "damsel in distress" rescue. And then, to top it off, on the ferry back to Trogir, the girls are invited to drive the boat -- and not just for the photo, but for a pretty big stretch of water (thankfully, not into the harbor itself...).

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