Saturday, August 20, 2011


Opatje is the one place recommended to me by my Aunt, who has recently come back from Croatia and didn't, frankly, think much of the country other than this one city.  So we go out of our way on a day when we have a half a day to kill to come visit it.  To say we are less than impressed is to be far too generous.  It's called the "Riviera" of Croatia, but there are no beaches, per se, just concrete slabs jutting into the water for sunbathing and jumping into the sea.  The town itself is cute but unremarkable, and seemingly nothing but tourist restaurants and shops.  In half a day, not one of was moved to take a photo.  This is not a very interesting blog entry, because we didn't find it a very interesting town.  I'm just putting it here in case you ever think of heading to Croatia and hear raves about Opatje.  Let this blog serve as devil's advocate.  There are much more charming coastal towns -- and inland town, and beach towns, and tourist town -- in our view.

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