Friday, August 19, 2011


(note from G:) Today I went to a little village.  In the village was a fair and I bott a bird wislte at a stall.  It does 4 things: it's a bird wislte, regular wislte, a vase and just a decoraytion.

Varaždin (pronounced Va-ra-ZHDIN) is an astoundingly charming village with street after street of 18th century Baroque architecture (after the older town was destoryed by fire) that we can't quite see or photograph because it is covered with stalls for an annual fair.  We recommend a visit if you're ever in Croatia, but not on festival weekend at the end of August. The good news is that G manages to find herself a little souvenir.  However, we get a $20 ticket which would be a bummer, except that we are from San Francisco where we get $65 tickets simply for overstaying a meter by 5 minutes, so we laugh in the face of $20. 

Here is a photo of Varaždin palace, from the 12th century, the only thing in town not covered at the moment with craft stalls, slushee booths, or bouncy houses:

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