Monday, August 22, 2011

Krka. At least there's no Z or J

Today is our last day with the rental car, and we use it to the fullest, getting lost between the national parks of Plitvice and Krka.  At least when we stop to get directions, we also get to have some ice cream.  Thank goodness; it's probably been a whole 3 hours since our last ice cream, and it's time for an infusion. 

Krka, pronounced "Krka", is a beautiful national park in the same vein as Plitvice.  Travertine-lined lakes that reflect in shades of turqouise, picture-perfect waterfalls, sunny verdant forests, charmingly rickety wooden pathways, ferry boats.  But what makes Krka worth a separate stop is that you are allowed to swim!  Not everywhere, but beneath the main waterfalls, which is, frankly, where it counts.  There are plenty of people, but even the crowds can't diminish how amazing it is to swim here.  We are screaming to each other to be heard as we get close to the falls, and Anthony and I have to work hard to keep the girls attached to the safety rope, even though it is far from the base of the falls, because of the force with which the current pushes us all away. 

It is such a relief to cool down after so many days in a row of this heatwave!

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