Monday, August 29, 2011

Also Seen

In the airport, on the way to Croatia. What does it mean? Area reserved for handicapped, blind, and deaf, of course, but what's the second picture? Reserved for bi-racial couples? For thespians? It's a mystery. Please weigh in with votes/alternate suggestions.  That's what the comment box is for!

The theme song for this vacation, discovered at the beginning of the trip, is "Grace Kelly" by Mika. No, it has nothing to do with Croatia, other than we first heard it here and have been playing or singing it obsessively throughout our trip. Play the video if you want a boppy little pick-me up!

Found in Zagreb. I was wandering alone, at the time, because I was too pissed at Anthony for letting G get hurt playing on the gym equipment.

 I just like this restaurant name. Reminds me of all that wonderfully awful English used in Asia.

Proposal for Croatia's official motto: Not Known for Our Cafés, But We Should Be!  This country makes France pale in comparison.  First of all, there are cafés everywhere, even more than on the streets of Paris.  Ironically, sometimes it is actually hard to find food, because entire cafés just serve coffees, beers/wines, and soft drinks.  We particularly love seeing 70 year old ladies with enormous steins of beer.  I couldn't drink a whole pint at one sitting unless you time warped me back to college (and paid me -- I never did like beer!) , but here it's the purview of every schnook and granny.  (I know.  After that one, you need a big beer...)  But even more amazing, to us at least, is the seating.  Truly, you have never seen such beautiful café seating anywhere in the world.  About 90% of the cafés look like they've been staged for a Restoration Hardware catalog.  The other 10% look like Pottery Barn. 

Hoteliers take note: All you need to appeal to the younger crowd is a breakfast buffet and a hot-chocolate dispenser.


Am I the only one immature enough to think this looks like the "Hotel Saliva Spit?"

Speaking of maturity: This is what happens when cameras are left in the hands of 6 year olds...

The one Croatian word we all learn and enjoy saying can be seen on every exit sign in the country.  "If ever a wonderful iz there was, the izlaz is one because because..."


And with that, we izlaz Croatia and head back to Paris? over to Paris? Well, anyway, we head to Paris to start our new life there. More about that at

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